Українські щоденні перемоги. 18.11.2022 Новини Української Жіночої Варти

Ukrainian Daily Wins. October 18, 2022. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

Three countries announced new support packages for Ukraine


In particular, the Swedish parliament decided to provide military aid to Ukraine in the amount of EUR 273 million during this year. The package will include, in particular, air defense systems, ammunition, transport, and winter equipment.


Finland and Canada also announced new military aid packages for Ukraine: they will amount to about EUR 55 million and USD 34 million, respectively.


   •   Mariupol ReBorn program starts in Ukraine – the mayor of Mariupol signed a memorandum on cooperation with the EBRD


This is the world largest initiative to rebuild a destroyed city since World War II. The Mariupol revitalization plan consists of five stages. The EBRD will cooperate in the development to quickly and efficiently bring the city back to life.


   •   The Ministry of Health and the World Bank will train emergency physicians to act in stressful situations

The training is one of the steps in the implementation of the National Program of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support, which is being developed at the initiative of Olena Zelenska, the First Lady.


The program aims to provide Ukrainians who suffered from the aggressor actions with full and effective access to psychological assistance and cope with the consequences of the war.


   •   Politico reports that the European Union has frozen €68 billion of Russian assets  

The European Union has frozen EUR 68 billion of Russian assets and 33.8 billion of national reserves of the Russian Federation.


   •   Jerry Heil presented a song in which she mentioned Zaluzhnyi

Jerry Heil (real name Yana Shemayeva), the singer, presented a new track called To Cossack family. Together with the composition, the artist presented a video work.


   •   The European Parliament agreed on a resolution recognizing the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism


On Thursday, November 17, the political groups of the European Parliament agreed on the text of the resolution regarding the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

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