Протягом минулої доби українські захисники ліквідували щонайменше 870 російських окупантів фото

Ukrainian Daily Wins. February 06, 2023. News from the Ukrainian Women’s Guard

870 Russian occupiers were liquidated in Ukraine in a day

As of the morning of February 6, the death toll of russian troops and their mercenaries in Ukraine amounted to about 132,160. Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders have eliminated at least 870 russian occupiers.


The Verkhovna Rada exempted from taxation a number of important goods for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine exempted from duties and other taxes the import of UAVs, thermal imagers, sights and a number of other goods used by the Defense Forces of Ukraine.


Ukrainian artillerymen began exercises with AS-90

The Ukrainian military arrived in the UK this weekend to begin training on the British AS-90 self-propelled guns.


The Verkhovna Rada recognized the Wagner private military company as an international criminal organization, and Russian PMCs as terrorist organizations.

MP Zheleznyak said that the parliament also voted to recognize Russian private military companies as terrorist organizations.


Ukrainian farmers will receive more than 13 tonnes of vegetable seeds from donors

International donors transferred 13.5 tons of vegetable seeds to farmers from the de-occupied territories of Ukraine.

Materials prepared by Yuliia Akinzhaly

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