Україна Оперативна інформація з регіонів 09.06.2022 (фото, відео)

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Materials prepared by Tetiana Kliuchnyk-Horobets, Tetyana Pidgorna, Reka Olena, Viktoriia Peremoga

It has been the 106th day of Ukraine’s opposition to a full-scale invasion by russia. The russian military is trying to take control over Severodonetsk in Luhansk oblast. There were military actions in Donbas, russian troops temporarily occupied part of the Zaporozhzhia and Kherson oblasts.

In Donetsk oblast, due to clear and coordinated actions of intelligence and artillery, another plan of rashists trying to hit the flank of Ukrainian units was thwarted. The Armed Forces of Ukraine held back the offensive towards Bakhmut. The enemy suffered losses and retreated. But russian forces have not stopped waging high-intensity fighting on the broad front.

In Zaporizhzhia oblast, there was an exchange of bodies of dead soldiers between Ukraine and russia under the formula “50 to 50”. Of the 50 defenders, 37 are Azovstal defenders.

The russian occupiers probably plan to seize the administrative border of Zaporizhzhia oblast and for this they do not abandon attempts to resume offensive actions, in particular towards Zaporizhzhia, according to the Deputy Chief of the main operational department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General Oleksii Hromov. At the same time, he noted that towards Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv, the enemy conducts positional defense and focuses its main efforts on maintaining occupied borders.

Russia is preparing unification of the occupied territories of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts, as well as separatist “DPR” and “LPR” in a separate federal district of the russian federation.

Russian invaders continue to actively shell the east and south of Ukraine, which results in people’s deaths in Kharkiv, Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, and the occupiers are already transporting their families to the cities in Kherson oblast.

“American Harpoon anti-ship missiles are located on the Black Sea coast. New weapons will be used together with Neptune missiles,” said Ukrainian Defense Ministry Chief Oleksii Reznikov. He also noted that Polish Crab 155-caliber self-propelled howitzers are ready to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the front, as well as a number of other weapons received from partners.

Ukraine briefly:

According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the operational situation is as follows:

Dnipropetrovsk oblast was shelled at night. The enemy again hit Zelenodolsk community with artillery. There are damaged houses. The consequences are being clarified. There are no casualties though.

Sumy oblast: late in the evening there was shelling of the border with mortars and artillery. At night, it was quiet, even without air alarm sirens.

Zhytomyr oblast was hit by a missile attack at night. The building was damaged. There were no deaths or injuries. The missile damaged a multi-storey building in Novograd-Volynsky. There were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries.

Kharkiv oblast: there was night shelling again. As a result of russian strikes with MLRS in Novobavarsky district of Kharkiv. There were fires in a café, a store and a school library. Previously, three people were killed and four  injured. Chuhuiv, Bohodukhiv and Izium districts were shelled.

Luhansk region: Severodonetsk is in the public eye. In the evening, the invaders hit the “Nitrogen” twice. At least two workshops at different ends of the chemical plant were damaged. One of them is ammonia production. From mortars, artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, the invaders shelled Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Privilia, Orikhove, Ustinivka, Hirske, Katerynivka, Bilohorivka, Mykolaivka, Komyshuvakha, Pavlograd, near Severodonetsk. In Toshkivka, the invaders carried out an airstrike. 4 people were killed and 5 injured.

Donetsk oblast: There are active military actions along the entire front line. The enemy carried out missile strikes on Bakhmut, Kurakhiv, Shchurove, used heavy artillery in Avdiivka, Marinka, Krasnohorivka. During the day, 4 people were killed and 11 wounded. The area is without gas, partially without water or electricity. Toretsk was added to more than 330 settlements where there is no power during the shelling. 110 kW line was damaged. Evacuation of the population from the controlled part of the oblast is underway.

Mykolaiv oblast: at night, the invaders shelled Inhulsk community. The shelling was mainly outside the settlements. There are no injuries or damages. Shelling continues in Bereznehuvatsk community. One person was killed. There are some damaged houses. Mykolaiv district: at night, as a result of shelling of the Kutsurubsk community in the village of Prybuzke, a power line was damaged. There were no injuries.

Kherson oblast: the situation remains tense. Loud explosions during the day and night were heard in Kherson and in the suburbs. For more than a week in Kherson itself and in many territorial communities, there is no mobile and Internet connection, there are issues with cash withdrawals, in particular, pensions. Instead, occupation authorities announce the launch of their Internet, which will block access to Ukrainian sites. In Kherson and large cities there is information that the occupiers are transporting their families to the cities.

The night passed relatively quiet in Volyn, Zakarpattia, Rivne, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Kirovograd, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Poltava and Kyiv oblasts.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that the war in Ukraine affects food security around the world, and the guarantee of reliable food supplies through the Black Sea can only be the end of russian aggression. He also calls for russian exclusion from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). During his address to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the guarantor stresses that it is Ukrainian agricultural exports that are stabilizers in the global market, and its blocking by russia puts hundreds of millions of people at risk of food shortages or hunger.

British Ambassador to Ukraine Melinda Simmons visited Bucha, which was destroyed by russian troops. The day before, U.S. Ambassador Brigitte Brink visited Irpin and Bucha. Before that, Brink visited Gostomel and Borodianka airport. Recently, Bucha was also visited by French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna and Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin.

Over the past week, the russians have caused $1 billion in damage to Ukrainian infrastructure. As of June 8, the specified total amount of direct losses of the Ukrainian economy from damage and destruction of residential and non-residential buildings and infrastructure is $103.9 billion or UAH 3 trillion. This is stated in the updated report of the KSE Institute (Kyiv School of Economics) project, supported by the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Reintegration, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Regional Development and the OU. “Over the past week, there has been an increase in losses caused to enterprises, educational and healthcare institutions, kindergartens, administrative buildings and warehouse infrastructure. Thus, the losses caused by destruction and damage of Ukrainian enterprises reached $11.5 billion, educational institutions – $ 1.6 billion, medical institutions – $ 1.1 billion, kindergartens – $ 576 million,” says the report .

Since the beginning of russia’s war against Ukraine at least 44.8 million square meters of the housing stock, 256 enterprises, 6.3K railway tracks, 41 cities, 656 medical institutions, 1177 educational institutions, 668 kindergartens, 198 warehouses, 20 shopping centers, 28 oil depots have been damaged, destroyed or seized. As a result of the war, Ukrainians have lost almost 105K passenger cars, the total amount of losses from which is $ 968 million.

At least 141 religious and 203 cultural buildings have been destroyed or damaged. The amount of damage caused to temples, churches, laurels and cathedrals, according to KSE estimates, is $ 81 million; cultural objects – $272 million. According to joint estimates of the Ministry of Economy and KSE, the total losses of Ukraine’s economy due to the war range from $564 billion to $600 billion taking into account both direct and indirect losses. 

The National Bank raised the discount rate immediately to 25%. At the same time, the institution re-assured that deterioration of lending conditions is not expected. The NBU explained that the cost of loans is determined not by the size of the discount rate, but by the actual cost of funding – deposits of population and business. Therefore, credit rates will increase gradually and commensurate with the increase in the cost of deposits and mainly with preservation of the current spread between them.

Eastern regions

Kharkiv oblast

The enemy сonstructs and fortifies the positions and mines outworks. Moreover, the enemy shelled civilian infrastructure in Staryy Saltiv, Ruski, Cherkaski Tyshky, Korobochkine, Asiivka, Chepil and Udy settlements.

At around 23:00 on June 8, as a result of russian shelling, a cafe, a shop and a school library caught on fire in the Novobavarskyy Raion, Kharkiv. According to the regional department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the school building was damaged. 3 people died and 4 injured.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Kharkiv residents report disappearance of the TV signal after the russian troops shelled the city on the evening of 8 June. The absence of TV broadcasting was confirmed by  RTT Concern. According to the post of Dmytro Khorkin, a board member of the Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, on his Facebook page, Ukrainian Radio continues to broadcast on frequencies 106.1 and 91.6 MHz. As a result of shelling, the infrastructure of  Kharkiv TV tower was damaged. There were no casualties or injuries.

According to the head of Kharkiv Regional Civil Military Administration, Oleh Syniehub, at least 3 people died and 11 were injured in total as a result of shelling in Kharkiv and the region overnight. The enemy shelled Tsyrkuny village, Malodanylivska united territorial community, Korobochkyne, Pechenihy, Zolochiv, Barvinkove, Balakliia and Pervomaysk settlements. Houses, outbuildings, warehouses and garages were damaged – 7 people were injured. In Elitne village, a tractor driver, who tripped on a mine and blew up on a russian landmine in the field, was injured.

On 9 June, there were explosions in the Oleksiivka and Pavlove Pole, Kharkiv.

According to the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, citing British intelligence data, over the past 48 hours, the Eastern Group of Forces might have increased their efforts to advance south of Izium towards Donetsk oblast. According to the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, citing British intelligence data. The russian troops’ advance on the Izium axis stopped in April after “Ukrainian forces used the area well to slow down russia’s advance”.

According to Yevhen Vasylenko, a representative of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Kharkiv Oblast, forests near Balakliia, Kharkiv oblast, are on fire caused by russian shelling. Rescuers together with employees of the local forestry department extinguished the fire near Andriivka settlement, Izium region. Most likely a shell hit the forest and there was mortar fire from tanks. It is 3-5 km to the front line.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

According to the deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Roman Semenukha, the lives of officials in the temporarily occupied territories of Kharkiv oblast, who deliberately went to cooperate with the russian federation, are threatened by the invaders. According to Semenukha, for such representatives of the authorities as Kupiansk mayor Hennadiy Matsehora, a Ukrainian prison is an optimistic scenario.

Police officers of the Kharkiv special police department, with the support of volunteer organizations, delivered radio stations, tactical goggles, kneepads and elbow pads to the fighters of Hetman Ivan Mazepa 54th separate mechanized brigade.

Donetsk oblast

The enemy’s efforts are concentrated on preparations to continue the offensive towards Sloviansk and Barvinkove. The enemy carried out shelling of civilian infrastructure in Dibrivne, Komyshuvakha and Kurulka settlements. Benefiting from the results of the shelling, the invaders conducted an offensive and onslaught near Bohorodychne and Dovhenke. The fighting is ongoing. Also the enemy, in addition to the use of artillery along the contact line, launched a rocket attack near Kramatorsk city and shelled Tetianivka, Pryshyb and Serebrianka.

The enemy also shelled the positions of our units using barrel and rocket artillery near Komyshuvakha, Mykolaivka, Berestove, Bilohorivka, Semyhiria and Maiorske. There were air strikes near Verkhniokamianka, Zolote, Berestove, Sloviansk and Niu-York sttlements. Fighting is ongoing in the settlements of Hirska and Popasna communities.

Residential areas of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk are under constant shelling. In Sloviansk, the electricity supply is intermittent and there is no gas. Residents cook on stoves under their entrances, collect water from wells and rainwater. The damaged flats were covered with panels and the windows were protected with tape. As soon as it gets quieter, evacuated people will return to the cities. Meanwhile, authorities are urging everyone to leave immediately, as both cities are russian targets.

On 9 June, the russians killed 3 Donbas civilians: 2 in Avdiivka and 1 in Novoukraintsi.

In occupied Mariupol, the demolition of destroyed houses continues. But the invaders do not conduct search operations for the dead before carrying out such works. The russian occupation administration in Mariupol does not conduct filtration activities in the city. To obtain a certificate of filtration, Mariupol residents are forced to travel to filtration camps outside the city and wait there for several days. The invaders are considering “de-mining Mariupol in a natural way”. They want to release captured Ukrainians into minefields.

On June 9, russian occupation forces shelled Bakhmut. Shells hit one of the shops of the Vistek machine-building plant. The shelling resulted in a fire extinguished by the State Emergency Service’s rescuers. 

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

A court of the so-called “DPR” sentenced to death 3 foreign fighters defending Ukraine – Britons Aiden Aslin, Shaun Pinner and Moroccan Saadoun Brahim. They have a month to appeal. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss criticized the verdict of the court of the so-called DPR for the British fighters and called it illegal.

Luhansk oblast

The russian invaders shelled Severodonetsk, Lysychansk, Pryvillia, Orikhove, Ustynivka, Hirske, Katerynivka, Bilohorivka, Mykolaivka, Komushuvakha and Pavlohrad settlements with artillery and MRLs. They launched air strikes against Toshkivka, Verkhnokamianske and Zolote and unsuccessfully stormed Toshkivka. Ukrainian soldiers also caused losses to the enemy towards Katerynivka. The enemy withdrew.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

According to the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine, fighting for Severodonetsk continues. The invaders are storming the city without any success.

According to the head of the Luhansk Regional Civil-Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, on the evening of June 8, russian occupation troops twice shelled Azot in Severodonetsk. The invaders also shelled residential areas of other cities in Luhansk oblast, 4 people were killed. A resident of Severodonetsk and 3 residents of Lysychansk were killed as a result of the russian troops’ shelling on June 6. 6 people were injured in Lysychansk, and 4 evacuated to a hospital in Dnipro.

As of the evening of 9 June, heavy fighting continued inside Severodonetsk. The Buryats retreated because they were considerably weaker than our defenders. The enemy is powerfully shelling Lysychansk with a large caliber, breaking through the concrete. There is no fighting in and around the city. Due to the heat, the water level in the Siverskyy Donets River dropped. It means that rashists will again try to build the crossings. The enemy’s losses are considerably greater than ours.

New information revealed that russia has started to smuggle mercenaries to the war in Ukraine. “A new batch” of prisoners of war from russia captured in Luhansk oblast are residents of the Mari El Republic, Tatarstan and Moscow. They planned to work as guards and technicians on oil rigs and protect them from pirates, but ended up in the war. All 3 were recruited through a private military company, Evro Polis (Krasnodar, russia), under employment contracts. The State Security Service notes that they became “cannon fodder” in battles with the Armed Forces of Ukraine – they were first abandoned by their commander and then struck by their own artillery.

Northern regions

The enemy continues maintaining increased security at the Ukrainian-russian border and firing mortars on civil infrastructure in border districts of Chernihiv and Sumy oblasts.

Kyiv oblast

Today, the ambassador of the United Kingdom in Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, visited Bucha and talked to the locals.

The delegation headed by the EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič and the Head of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine Matti Maasikas arrived in Irpin. They visited the town’s fire and rescue unit and inspected special equipment and vehicles used by our EOD specialists.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Howard Buffett, philanthropist and fighter against world hunger, son of businessman Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway board member, visited Kyiv.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

According to Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration, nearly 16K residential buildings were damaged in the Bucha district. 3 846 were сompletely destroyed   (156 high-rise buildings and 3,846 private ones). Modular settlements, which are already functioning in Borodyanka and Bucha, are being set up to accommodate people. In the near future there are plans to open similar ones in Hostomel and Makarov.

EOD specialists are inspecting and disposing of explosive objects in Kyiv oblast. The bottom of the water bodies near Kyiv beaches is also being checked.

In Kyiv oblast, repair work continues on the road infrastructure damaged due to hostilities. To date, 22 of the 24 artificial structures have been repaired. Two more damaged bridges are still being repaired under no timeline.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klytschko, announced that the Kyiv City Council revoked the twin-city status of Minsk. Minsk is the capital of the country, the territory of which was used by the russian troops to fire missiles at our cities and towns and invade Ukraine. It can hardly be called a twin city.

Yesterday Shevchenkivskiy District Court of Kyiv found two Ukrainian citizens guilty of treason and sentenced them to 13 years in prison. The Crimean residents defected to the enemy in 2014 and in February 2022 took part in the combat operations on the territory of Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts.

A poster calling for the release of Azovstal prisoners is displayed on the building of the Kyiv City Administration.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Kyiv railway station was equipped with additional security and passenger screening systems. Stationary and manual metal detectors were installed, as well as X-ray television introscopes.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

After a missile strike on the Darnytsia Car Repair Plant in Kyiv, residents of the nearest neighborhood came to help Ukrzaliznytsia. Volunteers help remove construction debris from roads and nearby workshops.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video) Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Zhytomyr oblast

There was a missile strike with russian Kh-59 cruise missile on Zhytomyr oblast at 01:15 a.m. The missile was fired from an aircraft that departed from the territory of Belarus. A high-rise building was damaged in Novohrad-Volynskyi. There is no information on casualties. Law enforcement officers are working at the scene.

Korosten will host 1 500 displaced people from Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. The city authorities will provide them with registration, food, benefits, and humanitarian aid.

As of June 6, there were 97 333 displaced people from other regions of Ukraine living in Zhytomyr oblast, most of them in Brusyliv and Zhytomyr communities.

All food manufacturing plants resumed their work in Zhytomyr oblast. There are 150 such enterprises operating in the oblast. The actual number of employees working there is around 9K people.

44 congregations of the moscow Patriarchate in Zhytomyr oblast have converted to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Zhytomyr Regional Military Administration handed over 16 Starlink high-speed satellite communication kits to our defenders. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Elon Musk’s Space X company.

Chernihiv oblast

Demining of Chernihiv oblast continues. High-priority works to restore damaged infrastructure are underway.

International humanitarian organization NRC Ukraine has raised funds to rebuild 2 000 buildings in northern Ukraine affected by russia’s invasion of our territory. Its representatives came to Chernihiv on a fact-finding visit.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Sumy oblast

Yesterday evening, after 9 p.m. the enemy opened mortar fire from the territory of russia on the Shalyhine community. 14 explosions were recorded. At around 10 p.m. there was an artillery shelling. There were no casualties or damage to civilian infrastructure.

Central regions

Dnipropetrovsk oblast

The enemy continues shelling Kryvyi Rih district. 5 artillery strikes were recorded in Zelenodolsk community. Houses were damaged in the village Velyka Kostromka, fortunately there are no victims.

In Dnipro, trainings about evacuees with disabilities were held for volunteers and medical personnel.They were taught how to help people with disabilities, how to treat and communicate with them, how not to harm themselves or anyone else during the evacuation. Among invited guests were people with disabilities who explained how to help them.

Since March 24,  the Center for Temporary stay of persons with disabilities has operated in Dnipro. Internally displaced people with disabilities from the war area live there.

Kirovohrad oblast

Internally displaced persons from Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv and other Ukrainian regions continue to arrive in Kirovohrad oblast. Today, one more social hostel with the necessary conditions for proper life is opened in Oleksandrivka city.

Vinnytsia oblast

25 enterprises were moved to Vinytsia from other regions. Serhiy Zhadan’s play “Khlibne peremyrya” is presented in Vinnytsia. Oleksandr Kovshun, the director of the Shevchenko Kharkiv Academic Theater, who escaped from Kharkiv and fled to Vinnytsia two months ago, is working on the play. The actions of the drama took place in Donetsk in 2014. Tolik and Anton are brothers. Their mother is dead. During the war, they are looking for opportunities to bury her.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Cherkasy oblast

Since the start of the full-scale war, the Cherkasy Regional Cardiac Surgery Center has held a medical front. Since the beginning of February, more than a hundred heart surgeries have been made here. Every day, doctors provide medical care for patients not only from the region. They also treat internally displaced persons from other regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

In Cherkasy region, Security Service of Ukraine exposed a dealer who misappropriated and sold military ammunition. The former military man built relationships with factories and illegally received for sale uniforms and protective equipment, intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Thanks to the agro-industry of the region, new pickup-trucks will be sent to the front.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

There are no major changes in other regions of Central Ukraine.

Southern regions

Zaporizhzhia oblast

The russian occupiers probably plan to reach the administrative border of Zaporizhzhia oblast, and they do not abandon attempts to resume offensive operations, in particular in the Zaporizhia direction.

Russian troops continue concentrating the main forces and means in the area of ​​Orikhov and Huliaipole, strengthening their units in the area of ​​Vasylivka and Tokmak. The russian army shelled civilian infrastructure and peaceful households in Orikhiv, Huliaipole, and Chervone. There are wounded civilians.

Russian troops fired on the positions of units of Ukrainian troops along the line of contact near the settlements: Olhivske, Novosilka, Orikhiv, Vremivka, Kamyanske, Zelene Pole, Temerivka, Novodanylivka, Chervone, Zaliznychne, Poltavka, Nove, Malaya Tokmachka, Bilogi.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Illegal actions against local civilians continue in the territories temporarily occupied by russian federation. The occupying power in Melitopol began preparation for a pseudo-referendum on joining russia.

During the past day, Ukrainian soldiers eliminated 14 enemy personnel, wounded 19, destroyed one self-propelled artillery installation, 3 combat armored vehicles, one of them BBM “Tiger” and 5 units of vehicles.

25 714 consumers  in 83 settlements of Zaporizhzhia oblast are staying without electricity supply. Over the past day energy supply was restored to 270 families in the town of Polohy and 277 households in the Orikhiv district. Tonight 3 more settlements (1 100 consumers) lost power supply because of hostilities in the Vasilevsky area.

The situation with gas supply hasn’t significantly changed. Today there are 81 160 consumers in 106 settlements of the region without gas supply.

During a working meeting with the ambassadors of the G7 and the European Union, the head of the SNRCU Oleg Korikov noted that there is no need for an IAEA visit to the Zaporizhzhia NPP. According to him, it will be possible to return to the planning of the IAEA mission to Zaporizhzhia NPP after de-occupation of the station.

Mykolaiv oblast

The situation in the South remains tense. The enemy continues to fight on the occupied frontier.

At night and in the morning the occupiers fired on Mykolayiv region: Ingul and Bereznehuvatsk communities. One person died, several houses were damaged. In the Mykolaiv district the power line was damaged as a result of the night attack on the Kutsurubsky community. No one was injured.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Starting from June 10, the distribution points in Mykolaiv for bread and canned food under the World Food Program from the United Nations (UN) will be temporarily suspended. This is due to the procedure of re-signing agreements between bakeries on the territory of Ukraine and the international program from the UN WFP.

Odesa oblast

The russian naval group continues training in the Black Sea. 3 surface ships and 1 submarine equipped with 28 cruise missiles are ready to strike on the territory of Ukraine. Also 3 ropucha-class landing ships are on combat duty.

Despite the absence of open hostilities in Odesa oblast, the defense forces are conducting counter-sabotage and other countermeasures, as well as combat training measures.

The coastal defense of the Black Sea has been strengthened by Harpoon complexes.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Kherson oblast

The situation in Kherson oblast remains complex. The russian military is building additional lines of defense, creating engineering barriers and mining the territory. They use old Soviet mines made in the 50s of last century. When trying to install minefields, several sappers-occupiers had already exploded on old ammunition.

During the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson oblast struck two blows at a concentration of russian forces and destroyed three ammunition depots.

The situation on the territory of the temporarily occupied Kherson region remains complicated. There is no mobile connection and partly no Internet in the area under temporary occupation.

In order to improve the tactical situation, the russian military is preparing to force water obstacles.

In Kherson and some cities of the region, there are reports that the military occupiers are transporting their families there, trying to convince the locals that they are here forever.

Vitaliy Lapchuk, a member of the TRO who was previously abducted by the occupiers, was found dead in Kherson.

The Security Service of Ukraine in Kherson oblast reported the suspicion of two residents of Kherson who cooperated with the russian FSB. According to the State Security Services, one of the suspects is a former people’s deputy of Ukraine, and another is a member of the Kherson City Council.

Western regions

Zakarpattia oblast

Head of the Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Viktor Mykita announced that free food will no longer be provided to internally displaced people in Zakarpattia. Local authorities request Ukrainians, moving to the oblast after the start of a full-scale war, look for job opportunities. “Territorial communities are overloaded. Only vulnerable categories will be fed for free. We will also provide food for others, but at discounted prices”, the head of the Regional state administration said. Regarding the possible construction of housing for IDPs in Zakarpattia oblast, the governor reassured that such housing will be built primarily for the needs of people with disabilities, people who can not work, and for mothers with kids.

The State Emergency Service reported that Zakarpattia rescuers will monitor the fire situation in the forests with the help of quadcopters. It can be instrumental in fires caused by shelling.

Ivano-Frankivsk oblast

Today, June 9, humanitarian aid was sent from the Valley to the border of Kharkiv and Donetsk oblasts for soldiers of the Armed Forces, among whom are Valley residents. This is the 75th shipment of humanitarian aid from Dolyna City Council. Kaluga volunteers also donated 200 tons of aid. In Kolomyia, pupils and students wove camouflage nets for defenders today.

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office stated that a swindler who sold humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be tried in court in Nadvirna Region.

Lviv oblast

Philips provided medical institutions of Lviv oblast with modern digital equipment worth 700K euros. On June 9, Maksym Kozytskyi, head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration reported that the company was the first to respond to the request for help. Part of the equipment will be transferred to the military. 

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

The First All-Ukrainian Volunteer Forum “Formula for Effective Cooperation” has launched in Lviv. It brought together hundreds of volunteers, as well as government and business representatives. The purpose of the event is to consolidate the efforts of its participants for further effective cooperation. After all, the Lviv Regional State Administration received hundreds of calls from citizens who volunteered to help on various fronts: to be blood donors, to weave nets, to make anti-tank hedgehogs, to help migrants at the train station and in shelters, and so on.

The press service of the LMR reported that Latvian doctors in Lviv will learn from the experience of treating patients with mine injuries. Their colleagues, representatives of the Latvian delegation, have already arrived. 

Rivne oblast

One and a half thousand Turkish bulletproof vests worth a total of UAH 27 million were handed over to the Rivne Regional Terrorist Defense Forces. This was part of a defense program. According to the head of the Regional Military Administration Vitaliy Koval, in the near future Kevlar helmets will also be included in each set. As part of the regional program to support defense capabilities, two Starlink base stations, ten power banks and two dozen Wi-Fi routers were provided to local territorial defense units to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Ukraine in brief: Latest regional news  June 9, 2022 (photo, video)

Ternopil oblast

A meeting with representatives of the Troop Command took place in Ternopil Regional Military Administration. In particular, they discussed issues of cooperation between the units of the Troops and the military administration: providing all the necessary uniforms and weapons, well-planned training in strategy, tactics, medicine.

 In Volyn, Chernivtsi and Khmelnytskyi oblasts without significant changes.

International support

The European Union has provided Ukraine with another 205 million euros in humanitarian aid. This was announced by the European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarcic, who is on a visit to Kyiv and met with Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk, according to the correspondent of Public. The money will be sent to create temporary towns for people who lost their homes during the war and for humanitarian aid for people in the occupied territories.

According to the United Nations, about 15.7 million people need humanitarian assistance. The war has already forced more than 14 million people to flee their homes; almost 7 million people crossed the borders of neighboring countries. It is estimated that more than 8 million people are internally displaced. Approximately 13 million people are in the affected areas of the country – either due to reluctance or inability to leave due to hostilities.

At an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia agreed to continue supporting the citizens of Ukraine who arrived in Latvia until the end of 2022.

Ukraine hopes to receive 1.5 billion euros from electricity exports to the European Union by the end of the year and earn even more in the future after gaining the right to export to the EU.

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